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Below is a selection of testimonials from a few of our patients...

My left ear was completely blocked, I couldn't hear a thing, so I was using olive oil first which didn't help then I tried Otex, it was getting me down and I couldn't concentrate so I booked an appointment and I'm so glad I did! My appointment was at 12, but I got there early because I was just so keen to hear again, I was taken through without having to wait too long. The procedure was very quick and pain-free and Joanna was lovely and explained everything to me. I would definitely recommend and would definitely go back. Thank you so much!!

- Rea, August 2017


Oh! Joanna. Ear wax removal from both ears. Never have I received such wonderful treatment, painless, incredible would recommend it to anyone with ear wax problems. After my treatment, my hearing has never been so good in many years. Excellent value for money £60 as quoted.Parking was easier than I thought, metered street parking close to clinic, not too expensive. I arrived 10 minutes early and was seen immediately, appointment was for 20 minutes, all together the experience was excellent and will be returning if I have any future problems.

- Derek, Bolton


I was delighted about my experience with the Manchester Ear Clinic. They managed to fit me in very quickly which was important due to my business schedule and the importance of my hearing / communication that is vital to my job. I have have 5 major ear operations over the last 30 years and do not trust many people with my ears but I was instantly put at ease with Joanne's knowledge and very professional approach - she noticed the unique nature of my ears due to the operations I have had which again made me very confident in her ability. I have no hesitation in recommending Joanne and her clinic to all those with similar problems as me.It is fantastic value for money and you will be dealing with someone with more experience / knowledge than you are likely to get with the NHS. I experienced hearing problems for 10 weeks and having messed about with the NHS for the whole of this period trying to sort my hearing and get an appointment I then turned to this clinic who within 2 hours of my phone call had cured my hearing! All for £60 - brilliant!

- Tom


I was extremely pleased with the microsuction, it was a very effective treatment that took 5 minutes!! No pain, friendly efficient service by Joanne,, she was also obviously very talented in her vocation as she could answer everything I asked and diagnosed problems I had that I was unaware of. The price was £60.00, it is the best £60.00 I have spent in my life , I can now watch TV at a reasonable. Level(15 instead of 30 +!!), I can now join in conversations properly as I can hear every word, whereas before I would miss certain words. My ear canals were blocked 1/3 rd in each one with hardened ear wax, and in one I had a cotton bud removed which must have been there for years !! No wonder I was partially deaf. Luckily no damaged ear drum which is great news. From years of struggling to hear and ear infections to a five minute treatment that has restored my hearing is fantastic. Would definitely recommend this clinic.

- Andrea


My daughter had a severe ear infection which needed micro suction. She was about to begin University in Manchester and we couldn't arrange for the procedure to be done in Cambridge, where we live before she was due in Manchester. The Manchester clinic fitted us in the next day. Jo was fantastic - very reassuring , gentle and professional during a procedure which my daughter was very anxious about. Interestingly this procedure would have been 3 times the price in Cambridge. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

- Helen


Got an appointment the next day. Treatment was excellent. The cost of the treatment was reasonable and as it saved me weeks of discomfort waiting for treatment on the NHS was money well spent.

- Gordon


I was extremely happy with the service provided & Joanna was very professional. The price was as quoted & I would definitely pay this again when necessary to avoid waiting for the NHS to sort the problem.

- Janice


I had a very good and clean treatment for my ear. I had a pain for over two years, and in just 5 minutes my ear has been treated. Even though I felt that it's a little bit pricey, but sometimes you will do whatever to heal the pain.

- Mohammed


I am delighted with the results and the process was expertly handled with great care. Brilliant service. It was a bit pricey because I only needed one ear doing, but no issues at all.

- John


The price is what I was quoted. I am pleased. I am still having ear problems, but I think that is my ears rather than them not doing a good job. They gave my ears a good clean out and I can hear a lot better.

- Stephen


I booked this appointment for my mum when she couldn't get an appointment with an NHS clinic. She was very happy with the clinic and the service provided and would use them again in future and pay the £60 rather than use an NHS service.

- Sarah, Manchester


Very gentle and felt safe in the hands of Joanna. I will be recommending to workmates.

- Legion, Manchester


I was treated promptly, with efficiency and compassion and after having been unable to work for 2 days due to the loss of hearing, I was extremely grateful. The whole experience was painless and very professional.

- Judith, Preston


I thought I would send an email about the excellent service and treatment I received today in the clinic at 12:40. Thank you for the polite and professional reception staff and the quality of the procedure undertaken by Joanna.

Many Thanks,

- Antony Scott


Many thanks for your attention last week at Sale. I thought that you would like to know that the moment I put my repaired hearing aid in it worked normally. You were spot on about the blockage.

- Hamish Smith, Chester.



My name is Leslie Taylor and, on the 19th of June I received treatment at your St John Street clinic , I would like to take this opportunity to commend your clinic for its, professional, and for the treatment I received from Joanne OBrien who was extremely professional, and helpful. The young lady I spoke to to book my appointment had a very nice phone manner, I would not hesitate to use your services again and, would recommend your clinic to anyone who has the same problem as I. Thank you,

- Leslie Taylor.


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