Treatment Provider
Treatment Provider
Manchester Ear Clinic offers microsuction performed by Joanna O'Brien, a previous specialist ENT nurse.
Microsuction is the removal of ear wax/debris using microscopic vision and a gentle suction device.
Our Locations
Our Locations
We are based within Manchester Physio at their clinic on St. John Street.

Welcome to Manchester Ear Clinic

Who we are

Manchester Ear Clinic - St Johns StreetManchester Ear Clinic is a clinic dedicated to the removal of problematic ear wax using aural micro suction.

Treatment is provided by Joanna O'Brien. Joanna has extensive experience in performing micro suction and assessing ear problems. Joanna used to manage ear clinics in the NHS and has been providing treatment at Manchester Ear clinic since 2010.

What we do

The clinic offers aural microsuction for the safe and effective removal of ear wax. Binocular vision is used to accurately extract the wax using a gentle suction device. Lengthy NHS waiting times can be avoided and pre softening of the wax is not required. Clients can arrange an appointment directly with the clinic without a GP referral. Same day appointments are often available.

Consultation/Examination- £20.00

Consultation/Examination/Treatment- £60.00


All new clients are required to pay the £20.00 consultation fee at the time of booking. This will be deducted from the final balance if treatment is provided.


The clinic is located in the city centre on St John Street, located within the premises of Manchester Physio. Metered parking is available on St. John Street.

Why chose Manchester Ear Clinic?

Having made the decision to have microsuction it is important to consider who will be performing your treatment. Microsuction is considered to be the 'gold standard' in wax removal due to the expertise and competency of the professional who performs the procedure, generally ENT Doctors and ENT Specialist nurses.

Manchester Ear Clinic offers microsuction performed by Joanna O'Brien, previously a Specialist ENT Nurse, clients can be confident that they are receiving treatment from an appropriately qualified and experienced professional.

For more information, or to book an appointment please call 0161 883 2930 or email us at

Google Reviews

david lee

Joanne went through some questions about why needed my ears syringed and then got to each ear being syringed. She even showed the evidence which was so gross, but good to see it was thorough.

It took less than 20 minutes and now my ears are clean, where I can hear so much better.

Will be going yearly for sure.

Alex Dumitru

Excellent service and care for pacients.

I got my ear wax plugs removed and got good advice for the future.

David Peberday

Arrived at a very clean and tidy clinic and literally no waiting time. Couldn't hear in my left ear, prior to this appointment. Jo fixed the problem in literally 10 minutes. Pain-free and instant relief treatment, great job and thank you very much!

If you're having problems with build-up in your ears, I highly recommend this clinic!

Mike P

I had a blocked ear for over a week and my doctor told me to use drops for 2 weeks, after which they'd refer me to the hospital (takes another 2 weeks). I called up on a Monday morning to book in with Manchester Ear Clinic and was seen to the same day.

The service was outstanding - I arrived at 3pm and was seen to as soon as I arrived. The lady went through the whole procedure and asked for past conditions etc.

The procedure was painless, just imagine the sound of someone finishing a soft drink with a straw but louder.

The treatment took around 15 minutes and both ears were done. Felt great after and can't recommend it enough. Well worth the £60 I paid.